Technical bulletins
January 2018

Hazardous material spills: a costly issue during and after fire

By Michel Millmore P.T., CESA,

During firefighting, the attention is mainly focused on the health and safety of building occupants and first responders. Damages to property and the environment are most of the time a secondary issue.

When the fire is over, damages to property and structures are often visible and rapidly under control.

However, damages to the environment usually worsen and risk of exposure to many contaminants remains a concern.

This is why it is necessary to react within the shortest period of time to prevent exposure and to ensure that health and safety issues are taken care of.

In the following article, we will discuss the obligations related to accidental spill of hazardous material related to a fire. We will also consider regulated substances such as asbestos and other substances such as soot and foaming agents, and their possible impact on health and safety and the environment.

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