Technical bulletins

Technical bulletins

  • December 2016

    Oil Heating Systems

    By Alejandro Mejia P.Eng.,

    Numerous types of oil heating system component failures have been studied and documented. However, one of the lesser-known and preventable sources of oil escapes are corrosion failures of inline oil filters. While there has been a widespread focus in recent years on the updating of tank designs, inline oil filters represent an overlooked, but significant item for attention from homeowners, maintenance companies, insurers, and lawyers.

  • October 2016

    Designed for Failure: Manufacturing and Design of Residential Brass Plumbing Components

    By Alain Abou Antoun P.Eng., M. Eng,

    The durability of a plumbing system is directly dependent on the quality of its component parts and the assembly skills of those who install it. No plumbing system, however well designed, can be expected to operate safely or hygienically if the products or materials used are unsatisfactory. Moreover, even if the best-quality products or materials are used but are installed incorrectly, the system will be a failure.

  • May 2016

    Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Safety

    By Philippe Bouchard Eng., P. Eng., CFEI, CVFI,

    With more electric and hybrid vehicles on our roads, first responders must change the way they handle emergency situations involving these vehicles. This document provides a general description of the special components of electric and hybrid vehicles and an overview of the information required to understand and handle electric and hybrid vehicles in an emergency situation.