Robert JuszkiewiczP. Eng.

T. 450 686-0240 #4149F. 450
Office: Montreal (Laval)
Specialty: Structural and Civil Engineering

Robert Juszkiewicz completed his bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering at Concordia University, Montreal in 2006. Before joining CEP, Robert worked in the building envelope sector as a project manager, estimator and site technician. His experience with building envelopes consists of site inspections, instrumentation verifications (infrared, nuclear, electrical impedance) destructive verifications (exploratory perforations and openings) water tests, estimations and consultations. He joined the Civil Engineering team at CEP Montreal in November 2016.

As a forensic civil engineer, Robert carries out on-site investigations and prepares expert reports to identify the cause of the damage and determine its extent. He also verifies the conformity of the elements with regards to the specified norms and standards.



  • Site inspection
  • Building envelope
  • Inspection by infrared camera
  • Water infiltrations and mould
  • Construction defects
  • Construction contracts
  • Conformity to codes and standards