Jean-Yves LeblancP. Eng., M.B.A.

T. 450 686-0240 #F. 450
Office: Montreal (Laval)
Specialties: Mechanical Engineering, Vehicle

As forensic engineer, Jean-Yves Leblanc carries out on-site accident investigations and prepares expert reports. During his years as a forensic engineer, he has conducted laboratory tests and simulations to verify hypotheses on the nature and cause of accidents. His practice is focused principally on accident investigations involving potential safety defects in motorized products.

He has carried out over 500 investigations under this assignment and has been recognized as an expert witness in courts of Québec and Ontario, and in many U.S. states.


Mechanical-Motorized vehicles

  • Heavy earthmoving machinery and equipment used in forest harvesting and road construction
  • Truck semi-trailer used for freight transport on public and private roads
  • Land and marine based recreational products
  • Body and frame, power train, emission control and vehicle functional control systems
  • Handling

Fire and explosion - Motorized vehicles

  • Origin and cause
  • Fire propagation

Compliance assessment to standards and regulations

  • Transport Canada CMVSS
  • SAE
  • ISO
  • SAAQ in Québec

Hazard analysis and risk assessment

  • Identification of potential failures
  • Deductive analysis of probable consequences
  • Inductive analysis to the root cause
  • Evaluation of probability of occurrence
  • Determination of risk level

Product safety risk reduction

  • Assessment of the risk level acceptable to the target population of product consumers
  • Definition of functional safety requirements for the design of control mechanisms
  • Drafting of instructions on the safe operation of the product
  • Design of warnings on residual operational risks