François d'EntremontP. Eng.

T. 506 801-8869 #3401
Office: Moncton
Specialty: Structural and Civil Engineering

As a Forensic Engineer, François d'Entremont carries out on-site accident investigations and prepares technical investigation reports to determine the cause and the extent of damage. He also carries out laboratory tests and simulations to verify hypotheses on the nature and cause of an accident. 

Before joining the CEP-Sintra Civil Engineering team in 2016, François worked as a project and design manager in building construction in the Moncton area. The majority of his experience involves contract management, resolution of contractual disputes and claims as well as cost analysis for industrial and commercial construction projects. François has experience working at heights and in heavy industrial sites, which helps him navigate the complexities of various worksites.




  • Construction contracts
  • Claims study
  • Construction defects
  • Site inspections
  • Bridge design and analysis
  • Rehabilitation of structures using composite materials
  • Building envelope
  • Standards and codes compliance
  • Concrete, steel and wood design
  • Structure, foundations and structural analysis
  • Excavation and heavy civil works
  • Industrial equipment defects and failure analysis