David RichardP. Eng., CFEI

T. 418 622-4480 #4403F. 418
Office: Quebec City
Specialties: Electrical Engineering, Fire and Explosion

David Richard completed his Bachelor Degree in Electrical Engineering at Laval University, in Quebec City, in December 2010. He is currently pursuing his graduate studies in Electrical Engineering with a specialization in electric network and equipment at École Polytechnique in Montreal.

As a forensic engineer, David carries out on-site accident investigations and prepares expert reports. He also conducts laboratory tests and simulations to verify hypotheses on the nature and cause of accidents. David specializes mainly in the investigation of incidents potentially involving electrical equipment.

In this regard, he has prepared several forensic reports on industrial electrical equipment, including power transformers. In addition to the experience gained in these investigations, David has attended several advanced training sessions given by renowned speakers in his field.


Fire and Explosion

  • Origin and cause
  • Fire propagation


  • Electrical equipment and network (production, transmission, distribution and consumption)
  • Power circuits
  • Electrical machines
  • Electrical power systems simulations
  • Large power system studies
  • Lightning
  • Electrical injuries
  • Control systems
  • Industrial electronics
  • Electrical disturbances

Code-Compliance Study