ServicesForensic structural engineering and building evaluations

Structural analysis and stabilization

Structural Engineering refers to the design and analysis of structures and buildings.

A structure is exposed to various static and dynamic forces or loads throughout its life.  Whether mechanical or thermal in nature, the structure's design must meet various criteria to effectively deal with those forces.

Most Structural Engineering mandates are related to buildings but can also include underground structures, equipment racking, maritime structures, steel industrial buildings, telecommunication structures, and any other construction whose structural integrity is crucial.

CEP-Sintra structural experts will determine the cause of disasters such as collapses due to failures in the design or construction phases, consequences of heat damage due to a fire, or wind and snow effect.   The scope of repairs will be determined and rehabilitation and repair plans can also be prepared.

We have also developed, over the years, investigation methods in the context of fires to determine which structural elements are safe to keep and which ones need replacement. This expertise is crucial when it comes to building fires.

Whether for steel, wood or concrete structures, CEP-Sintra conclusions are supported by an in-depth examination and they are validated through computer modelling. Nothing is left behind.

Structure Stabilisation

When the cause of a collapse has been determined, it is sometimes required to stabilize the structure or to prepare sketches for repair or rehabilitation. This is a new service that is offered by CEP-Sintra structural experts, and can be included as part of their mandate in determining the cause of the disaster.  The setup of temporary support systems to access the site safely and to limit further propagation of damage will be done according to CEP-Sintra recommendations. If needed, rehabilitation plans can be prepared for the building components that have been damaged.