ServicesForensic structural engineering and building evaluations

Structural assessment

Whether you need to investigate the extent of damage, stabilize a structure to minimize loss or prepare plans and specifications, our highly qualified and independent professionals are at your service.

By using specialized structural inspection methods following a fire, a structural collapse or inclement weather, our professionals can determine which structural elements to preserve and which to replace. They will also work with the other stakeholders to avoid unnecessary costs and loss of time.

From start to finish, CEP-Sintra's expertise is engaged to oversee every detail, up to and including complete restoration following the event. This is a natural extension of our proven core Forensic Engineering Services.

When dealing with property insurance, it is critical, when the time comes to restore a collapsed structure, to undertake the work effectively. CEP-Sintra has launched this new Restoration Engineering service in response to this need.

Our service includes the following:

  • Scoping the extent of damage
  • Preparing plans and specifications
  • Stabilizing the damaged building
  • Limiting damage and liability
  • Guaranteeing effective restoration
  • Optimizing restoration costs