ServicesForensic structural engineering and building evaluations

Building defect assessments and compliance inspection

Better late than never!

As the saying goes, construction defects are often discovered later rather than sooner. That being said, despite their belated discovery, the difficulties and costs they generate are just as important. These defects are often correctable if the appropriate actions are taken.  More importantly, with strategic examination and investigative techniques, often times the origin and responsible culprit(s) can be identified. Whether they are civil or structural, electrical, mechanical or materials problems, experts at CEP-Sintra are able to identify the cause and the origin as well as recommend solutions for the construction defects...even when they are discovered much later.

Construction and Contracts

The construction of buildings and large-scale structures (multi-stage bridges, retaining walls, roads, tunnels, etc.) involves a contractual aspect that goes beyond the loss due to damage. Indeed, there is the direct damage on the front line but, beyond that, there is the conflict between the owner, the architect, the general contractor and the subcontractors, as well issues of civil liability! The contracts have to be analysed to determine which party is responsible for which aspect of the construction project. CEP structural experts who are experienced in the field of heavy construction can enlighten Insurance Professionals on litigation issues related to building contracts.