ServicesForensic structural engineering and building evaluations

Forensic structural engineering and building evaluations

Reaching back as far as one can in history, major civil engineering projects have always characterized civilizations. Municipal infrastructures, large and small buildings, highways or large scale construction projects such as dams, have always fascinated the human mind. Structural and Civil engineering has its own unique and privileged place at CEP-Sintra.

Our structural/civil engineers have been called upon to work under the most demanding circumstances, from the Saguenay 1996 flood, the January 1998 ice storm - which struck the Montreal area, -, to the record breaking snow fall of 2008. Whether it be water induced problems in building or structural collapses, our experts have handled all these situations.

We combine the strength of the expertise and experience gained in the past with the fresh input of state-of-the-art technologies presently available. Our engineers are always sensitive to our clients' needs and anxious to even exceed their expectations. We use up-to-date analysis methods and pay all necessary attention to details.

With our structural/civil engineers, our clients are assured they will obtain clear answers and meaningful professional opinions to assist them in their dispute resolution.

Our structural/civil team of experts provides a wide range of forensic engineering services related to:

  • Structural analysis of failures;
  • Recommendations and solutions for structure stabilisation;
  • Urban hydraulics services relating to sewer backflow, surface drainage leading to water infiltration, water table contamination, building foundation drainage;
  • Excavation slope stability, vibration analysis due to rock breakage, blasting, dynamic compaction, and construction vibration;
  • Civil works: sewer and aqueduct pipe failures in conjunction with our metallurgical and material engineers;
  • Failures due to soil bearing capacity and foundation design defects;
  • General construction or design defects;
  • Slip and fall analysis;
  • Building envelope issues;
  • Pool failures;
  • Industrial and telecommunication structures, including wood and steel buildings, and telecommunication towers;
  • Restoration Engineering (remedial and restoration services).

Our experts handle all aspects of an investigation, from site inspection to expert witness testimony in court.

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