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Fire investigation and explosion experts

For over 35 years, CEP-Sintra has been a leader in Canada in the field of fire and explosion investigation. Our dynamic team of experts has a wide array of experience and knowledge in determining the origin and cause of fires and explosions of all types and sizes. Whether it's a small fire in the kitchen or a multimillion-dollar loss at an industrial factory we have a seasoned and skilled team ready to investigate.

Our scientific and engineering training is the basis on which the principles, methodologies and causation analyses are founded. Our methods and approaches are rigorous, tested, recognized and highly dependable. Fires and explosions are the result of complicated phenomena often requiring multiple fields of expertise to determine the cause. The analysis and interpretation of the relevant parameters must be comprehensive and meticulous. All facts must be taken into consideration, even if much of the physical evidence is often destroyed.

At CEP-Sintra, our team of forensic engineers and certified fire investigators utilizes state-of-the-art technologies and investigative procedures and constantly keeps knowledgeable about recent developments. We are always innovating to improve our methods of investigation.

Our Fire and Explosion team of experts provides a wide range of Forensic Engineering Services related to:

  • Origin and Cause Determination
  • Fire Protection System Analysis
  • Fire Alarm System Analysis
  • Fire Propagation Investigation
  • Building and Fire Code Conformity
  • Review of Standards and Good Practices Related to Causation
  • Fire Modeling
  • Electrical and Chemical Fire Cause Expertise
  • Evidence Examinations
  • Exposure Damage Analyses

Our experts handle all aspects of an investigation, from site inspection to expert witness testimony in court.

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