ServicesElectrical engineering

Technical support by our forensic expert witnesses

Code Compliance Review

Building electrical systems are often implicated as the cause of a fire. One of the first questions that follows is, was it installed to Code?  CEP-Sintra's team of electrical experts has access to various provincial and national electrical codes, and will use these to evaluate and provide a determination as to whether the installation satisfied the code requirements at the time.  CEP-Sintra's electrical experts can also provide guidance to our clients with respect to code changes since installation and the corresponding implications when renovations are undertaken.

Cost Control

Following a loss, asset owners often want to upgrade their outdated systems with the latest and greatest technology. CEP-Sintra's experts have years of experience in managing construction projects, and can evaluate contractor cost estimates to assist the insurer in determining what costs are justifiable under the allowed coverages.

Scoping Services

In certain situations following a loss, it is necessary to submit drawings to the local Authority Having Jurisdiction in order to obtain the necessary construction permits to rebuild.  CEP-Sintra's team of electrical experts can generate the necessary drawings to ensure that permit applications are efficient and successful.  Our experts can also provide design review services in situations where an Engineer's stamp may be required according to local regulations.

Risk Management

Any asset owner knows that they must manage risk effectively to ensure that their assets remain reliable and operational.  Equipment failures are one indication that a risk management strategy may have been ineffective.  In addition to assisting the client with determining the cause of failure, CEP-Sintra's electrical experts can also evaluate the risks involved with owning, operating, and maintaining the asset, and work with our clients to help them develop effective risk management strategies.

Expert Witness Representation

All of CEP-Sintra's electrical experts are, or are qualified to be, recognized as expert witnesses in Quebec's and Ontario's judicial systems.  In addition to provide expert reports to our clients to assist in legal actions, CEP-Sintra's team of electrical experts will also provide the necessary courtroom representation to enable our clients to present the strongest case possible throughout the course of litigation.

Educational Seminars

CEP-Sintra's electrical experts are recognized as leaders in the industry with respect to forensic analysis of equipment failures. CEP-Sintra's clients know to look to us in order to provide the answers they need to handle an insurance claim, but they can also look to us to provide educational seminars.  We have a number of lunch and learn presentations available, or we can develop a presentation specific to our clients' needs and interests.  Click for more details.