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Accident investigation

Electrical Shock Injuries and Electrocutions

As electrical systems age and deteriorate, the risk of an electrical incident involving bodily injury or death increases.  There are a variety of symptoms that a person can experience following an electrical shock incident, from burns to muscle pain to epileptic seizures.  CEP-Sintra's team of electrical experts have researched and investigated a number of these types of incidents, and use a methodical process to determine the causational factors involved in the incident.  Additionally, our experts are often called upon to investigate situations where livestock have been exposed to stray electrical currents in agricultural facilities.

Lightning Strikes

Although the number of deaths and injuries due to lightning strikes have decreased over the last few decades and lightning is now the number three cause of environmental-related deaths in the USA (behind flash floods and tornados), lightning strikes present a unique pathology to victims.  CEP-Sintra's team of electrical experts uses their holistic investigative approach when investigating the factors that contributed to the incident.

Health and Safety

As insurance costs continue to rise, employers must strive to ensure that their workplaces provide a safe environment for the employees.  CEP-Sintra's electrical experts can use their knowledge of how electrical systems fail to assist employers in developing safe work procedures.