ServicesCollision Reconstruction


When necessary, CEP-Sintra's forensic engineers undertake advanced investigations that go beyond vehicle dynamics to examine additional factors that can contribute to collisions. It is common for drivers involved in a collision to claim that they didn't notice the hazard prior to the collision. This statement can be verified by conducting a visibility study.

Visibility studies are performed when there is some question about whether a particular roadway hazard that caused or contributed to a collision was or should have been visible to the driver of the vehicle. The objective is to recreate the environment that was in place at the time of the incident and assess what should have been visible.

There are many environmental factors that can impact what drivers see and how they respond, impairing their ability to avoid impact. CEP-Sintra's experts have conducted numerous visibility study investigations. Using proven investigative tools and techniques, we establish what the conditions were like at the time of the accident and decide if it affected the driver's ability to identify a hazard. This information is crucial when insurers are seeking to determine liability.