ServicesCollision Reconstruction


Collision reconstruction can be an essential tool in helping to determine liability. Our team of forensic engineers assess vehicle damage and other available information, and use a variety of reconstruction techniques to analyze vehicle dynamics and determine what happened prior to, during and following a collision. Reconstructions can help confirm or refute the sequence of events as described by the people involved.

Combining precise measurements of crush damage, witness statements, photographs and information gathered through vehicle inspections and scene surveys, our experts can confirm:

  • sequence of events
  • vehicle impact and pre-braking speeds
  • pre and post-collision vehicle travel paths
  • point of impact
  • collision severity
  • rest positions
  • vehicle mechanical conditions

Collision reconstruction provides valuable insight into the contributing factors behind a collision, and can help to determine liability. But although collision reconstructions can tell us what happened, they don't always explain why the collision occurred. Our collision experts know when to take investigations further, to examine other contributing factors that offer additional insight to resolving liability. Click on the tabs to your left for more information on other factors that may impact liability assessments.