Latest news - Moncton

  • New Webinar on hidden hazardous materials after a fire

    CEP-Sintra is happy to invite you to join our new webinar on Hidden Hazardous Materials after a fire. This webinar will be presented by Charles LeBlanc, CFEI, CFIS, CFSA and Philippe Lefebvre, P.T. , B.A. Following a fire, different materials are left affected. Do any of these materials pose an environmental risk? Are there any health and safety issues to consider?
  • Come meet our Moncton team and join us as we celebrate our new office

    Earlier this year, we were thrilled to announce the appointment of two new investigators and a brand-new office in Moncton, NB. Our Maritime colleagues have been keeping very busy since the opening. We are grateful to all those who support our business and our clients that have entrusted their files to us. We are now ready to raise our glass and celebrate with you the opening of our office in the Maritimes.
  • Grand Opening of CEP's Moncton Office!

    CEP is thrilled to announce the grand opening of a new office in Moncton, New Brunswick to help serve clients in the Maritimes. At the same time, CEP is pleased to welcome Charles LeBlanc and François d'Entremont to its growing multidisciplinary team. Both investigators will be based out of CEP's Moncton office.