As part of coroner Cyrille Delâge's investigation into the L'Isle-Verte tragedy, Mr. Clément Caron, Eng., Director of the Laval office, testified on December 18th as the expert witness in the origin and cause determination of the fire.

The Sureté du Québec had originally mandated Mr. Caron to assist its investigators in determining the origin and cause of the fire that killed 32 elderly residents. The coroner noted the findings and conclusions expressed in Mr. Caron's testimony.

Based on the photographs and video sequences, it is possible to establish that the fire originated in the kitchen area. The scene examination clearly demonstrated that the fire did not start in the electrical room, as no evidence of electrical failure was found in this location. Similarly, the fire did not originate in Room 208, which was located above the kitchen. In fact, the type of materials used in the construction of the room's floor largely limited the downward propagation of the fire. Under such conditions, the fire would have had to smoulder for a very long time before breaking through the floor and manifesting itself in the kitchen. With respect to the kitchen, it was established that the gas valves on the stove were closed at the time of fire.

In summary, based on the analysis of the facts observed, the true cause of the fire remains undetermined due to the extensive destruction of the building.