CEP Ottawa welcomes new Civil / Structural Engineering Forensic Investigator

CEP Ottawa is pleased to welcome Jérémie Maillet-LeBlanc, EIT, a new Civil / Structural Engineering Forensic Investigator.

Jérémie Maillet-LeBlanc holds a Civil Engineering bachelor's degree from l'Université de Moncton and a graduate diploma in Technology Project Management from the University of Ottawa. He has valuable experience in structural design including shoring and scaffold design, residential repairs and design, roof anchor inspections and design, as well as on site inspections for residential and commercial construction projects.

In addition to performing on-site investigations and preparing technical investigation reports to determine the cause and the extent of damage, Jérémie's new functions will include preparing plans for restoration purposes, analyzing the stability of damaged structures, and when required, establishing methods to stabilise these structures in order to ensure safe access for the general public, affected individuals and involved workers

"Jérémie's engineering knowledge, keen work ethics and curiosity, are great assets for our team in Ottawa," says Stéphane Millette, P. Eng., Structural and Civil Engineering Team leader. "He will help to service our clients in that region."

"The profession of Civil Engineering in Canadian provinces is in constant evolution due to changes in laws, standards and regulations and also in the way our clients manage their claims and litigation processes," states Joël Turcotte, P. Eng., IAAI-CFI, Regional Director, Ottawa. "The addition of Jérémie to the Ottawa-Gatineau staff will help us face the challenges ahead, both in Quebec and Ontario."

CEP kept warm and busy during this past cold winter in order to get ready for many upcoming events in the spring season!