Latest news

  • CEP-Sintra opens new ancillary office in downtown Toronto

    Toronto, Ontario - CEP-Sintra announces the opening of our new ancillary business center located in the heart of downtown Toronto. This facility is set up to better communicate with our Canadian Insurance clients and partners and to listen more closely to their needs and expectations. Our client-centric approach has always been one of CEP-Sintra's strength. Being right at the heart of this great financial City, is definitely another strategic milestone towards completing our mission to be the first choice as the National Forensic Engineering and Sciences service providers in Canada.
  • The " CSI " of Civil Engineering

    The January-February 2019 edition of the magazine " Plan ", published by the Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec (OIQ), features Andréanne Labrecque, a Structural and Civil Forensic Engineer at CEP-Sintra. Shedding light on this lesser-known area of practice in engineering, the article presents Ms. Labrecque as the " CSI " of Civil Engineering. The low percentage of women in this profession is also emphasized, but as mentioned by Ms. Labrecque, "Times are changing and we encourage more women to follow that path. "
  • CEP-Sintra acquires Baker Materials Engineering Ltd.

    CEP-Sintra announced today the acquisition of Baker Materials Engineering Ltd. to consolidate its position as Canada's largest forensic engineering firm. Baker Materials Engineering Ltd. (BME) is a forensic engineering company headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, organized to provide a wide range of analytical services to insurance, industrial, and legal clients. Founded in 1971 for metallurgical failure analysis, BME has grown into a multi-faceted enterprise with a wide range of expertise and technical resources.
  • CEP-Sintra welcomes new employees from coast-to-coast

    CEP-Sintra continues to strengthen its team across Canada by welcoming several new investigators. Since August, five new investigators have been added from coast-to-coast. "The addition of resources and experience allows us to round out many of our offices, and provide enhanced technical expertise to our clients," says Jean-Francois Joubert, CEP-Sintra CEO. He adds, "we are continuing to boost the complement of investigators we have available in each office as we strive to provide superior service."
  • Best Holiday Wishes

    The whole CEP-Sintra team wishes you a joyous Holiday Season ! Turn up the volume, sit back and enjoy our very own version of this Holiday classic : Winter Wonderland
  • CEP-Sintra strengthens its Ottawa team

    CEP-Sintra is delighted to announce the expansion of our Ottawa office. With the addition of three new investigators to the office, the Fire and Explosion and Mechanical teams have broadened their service capabilities for the area. Donovan Ryan joined the Fire & Explosion team in October of 2018. Mr. Ryan has over 37 years of fire and emergency services experience both in Canada and overseas and carries numerous Canadian and International certifications, including CFEI, CCFI-C, IFSAC and ProBoard.
  • CEP-Sintra relocates Moncton Office

    CEP-Sintra is pleased to announce the relocation of its Moncton, New-Brunswick office. First, we would like to express our sincere appreciation and gratitude to our clients and partners for all the support and trust they have provided us since we established our Moncton office back in January 2017. We have relocated our office to enable our team to work in a more collaborative manner, and to ensure we are well-equipped to support our continuous growth of services offered in the Maritimes. "I am very happy with how things are progressing in the area." states Jean-François Joubert, P.Eng., President and CEO of CEP-Sintra. "As always, providing excellent customer service continues to be at the forefront of CEP-Sintra's priorities".
  • CEP-Sintra announces new leadership appointments throughout Canada

    CEP-Sintra is happy to announce leadership appointments throughout Canada : VP Western Canada (BC, AB & SK): Mr. Mark Hughes, P.Eng., founder Sintra Engineering, VP Central Canada (MB & ON): Mr. Benoit Godin, P.Eng., COO of CEP-Sintra, VP Eastern Canada (QC & Atlantic Canada), Mr. Clement Caron, P.Eng., formerly Montreal Manager. Ms. Isabelle Murray, M.A.Sc., P.Eng., has been promoted to fill Mr. Caron's Regional Manager role in Montreal.
  • Paddling for a worthy cause - Charles-Bruneau Foundation

    September 18, 2018 - Our CEP-Sintra Kayakers experienced a memorable day when they participated for the first time in the Circuit Bleu for the Charles-Bruneau Fondation last Friday. The weather was warm and sunny and filled with wonderful encounters. Our kayakers thoroughly enjoyed their experience.
  • CEP Sintra announces new Chief Operating Officer

    Jean-François Joubert, President and CEO, is pleased to announce the appointment of Benoit Godin, P.Eng., as the Chief Operating Officer for CEP-Sintra. Mr. Godin is a 1991 graduate of Ecole Polytechnique of Montreal as a Metallurgical Engineer and was previously the National Business Development Manager of CEP-Sintra.
  • CEP Sintra Opens Waterloo Regional Office

    July 2018 - CEP Sintra is proud to announce the opening of our newest office in Kitchener-Waterloo. This new office is being headed by Paul Gullekson, P.Eng., who brings his extensive Collision Reconstruction experience to the region, adding to the complement of Structural, Fire and Failure engineers already in the region. The launch of the full-service Waterloo office increases the reach of CEP Sintra's team throughout Southern Ontario, allowing greater coverage and increased availability in the area. Paul will be available to complete collision investigations, and will coordinate a variety of loss investigations, including fire, property and structural investigations.
  • CEP-Sintra gets involved with the Charles-Bruneau Foundation

    CEP-Sintra is very proud to support the Charles-Bruneau foundation, which is dedicated to the fight against pediatric cancer. Our first opportunity to support this cause is participating in the Circuit bleu Charles-Bruneau: a 4-day tour of the island of Montreal by kayak. Our team consists of 8 kayakers, who are all very excited to take part in this unique event.
  • New Webinar on hidden hazardous materials after a fire

    CEP-Sintra is happy to invite you to join our new webinar on Hidden Hazardous Materials after a fire. This webinar will be presented by Charles LeBlanc, CFEI, CFIS, CFSA and Philippe Lefebvre, P.T. , B.A. Following a fire, different materials are left affected. Do any of these materials pose an environmental risk? Are there any health and safety issues to consider?
  • Seminar on demystifying cathodic protection

    Our expert, Nicolas Geoffroy, P. Eng. Ph. D., will be presenting the seminar "Demystifying cathodic protection*" in Sainte-Foy, Quebec, on May 18, 2018. Cathodic protection is vital to ensure the integrity of numerous structures buried in the ground or concrete or immersed in water; particularly in the civil, maritime and petrochemical fields.
  • CEP-Sintra's expanding structural team

    CEP-Sintra continues to enhance its structural group in Western Canada, with the recent addition of four new employees. Hami Razaghi, M.Eng., P.Eng., Jeff Howie, P.Eng., and Shane Kasprick, P.Eng., combine to add over 75 years of experience to the western team. The addition of these engineers expands our reach and our ability to attend to files in a timely manner.
  • Happy Holidays!

    Everyone at CEP-Sintra would like to send you warm wishes of peace and happiness for the Holiday Season and throughout the year! Thank you for your trust and we look forward to another year of successful collaboration. To view CEP-Sintra's revisited version of Jingle Bells, click on Happy Holidays!
  • CEP-Sintra shares its knowledge with the insurance industry in France

    CEP-Sintra is pleased to announce that Patrick Bigras, a forensic Fire Investigator who joined the firm in 2016, has just returned from Nantes, France where he was a support instructor for a fire investigation training session focused at the insurance industry as well as the police force representatives. The week-long session concentrated on fire propagation.
  • CEP-Sintra is beefing up its Structural and Civil Engineering Team in Ontario

    CEP-Sintra is pleased to welcome Frédérick Beaucage, P.Eng., Stéphane Millette, P.Eng. and Farhan Ibrahim, EIT, all three Structural and Civil Engineering Forensic experts in the Ontario offices. Aligned with the company's growth initiatives and in order to meet the increasing demand of its clientele in both the Ottawa and GTA area, CEP-Sintra has taken action to strengthen its Structural and Civil Ontario team.
  • CEP ranked among the top 25 Engineering firms in Quebec

    On September 23rd 2017, The newspaper Les Affaires published a list of the Top 25 Engineering firms in Quebec. This annual ranking is based on the current number of employees in the province of Quebec. "Our collective efforts are bearing fruit", says Jean-François Joubert, President and CEO of CEP-Sintra. "Thanks to the sustained efforts of our team, I am proud to say that we are right on track with our growth strategy."
  • Seminar on Demystifying cathodic protection

    Our expert, Nicolas Geoffroy, P. Eng. Ph. D., will be presenting the seminar "Demystifying cathodic protection*" in Dorval, Quebec, on November 10th, 2017. Cathodic protection is vital to ensure the integrity of numerous structures buried in the ground or concrete or immersed in water; particularly in the civil, maritime and petrochemical fields. However, basic principles are often poorly understood, leading to several problems, especially when accidents can have important impacts on health and safety or the environment.
  • Seminar - Understand and Prevent Corrosion

    Our expert, Nicolas Geoffroy, Eng. Ph. D., will be presenting the seminar "Understand and Prevent Corrosion" in Dorval, Québec on November 16 and 17, 2017 Course description: Corrosion can cause critical economic and safety issues in various industries. Consequently, a good understanding of basic principles is needed to effectively prevent damage. This course will cover, through a practical approach the knowledge required to identify various corrosion mechanisms and techniques to prevent them. Case reviews and real-life problems will be used to illustrate various concepts.
  • Cocktail party at PFD Law firm

    CEP-Sintra was well represented at the cocktail organized by PFD Avocats last Thursday, September 21st. The cocktail was organized to mark the firm's 80th anniversary. The members of our team present at the event enjoyed a festive atmosphere and good conversation.
  • Come meet our Moncton team and join us as we celebrate our new office

    Earlier this year, we were thrilled to announce the appointment of two new investigators and a brand-new office in Moncton, NB. Our Maritime colleagues have been keeping very busy since the opening. We are grateful to all those who support our business and our clients that have entrusted their files to us. We are now ready to raise our glass and celebrate with you the opening of our office in the Maritimes.
  • CEP Forensic and Sintra Engineering have united to form Canada's largest national forensic engineering firm!  

    CEP Forensic is pleased to announce that the company has entered a merger agreement with Sintra Engineering, a leading provider of forensic engineering services in Western Canada. Our newly merged company brings CEP's strength in Eastern Canada, combined with Sintra's broad reach in Western and Northern Canada, to form the largest forensic engineering firm in the country. The new entity, CEP-Sintra, will have close to one hundred employees from coast to coast and will operate in both official languages. The company will have eight offices across Canada: Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec City and Moncton.
  • Nicolas Geoffroy will present at the COM 2017 - Conference of Metallurgists in Vancouver, BC

    CEP is proud to announce that Mr. Nicolas Geoffroy, P.Eng., Ph. D., Metallurgist, will be presenting at the COM 2017 - Conference of Metallurgists in Vancouver, BC, August 27-30, 2017. Held annually, this conference draws 800-1000 international researchers and industry leaders. Mr. Geoffroy will be presenting a technical seminar based on his paper titled: Corrosion Mechanisms of Underground Industrial Equipment.
  • CEP Forensic Inc. and LRI executives buy LRI Engineering Inc., a Leading Canadian Fire Protection Consulting Firm

    LRI executives and CEP Forensic Inc. are pleased to announce the acquisition of LRI Engineering Inc. (LRI). The LRI executive consists of Eric Esselink (Chief Executive Officer), Jon Winton (Chief Operations Officer) and Michael Devine (Chief Financial Officer). Based in Toronto and also operating an Ottawa office, LRI is a Canadian-owned engineering firm specializing in Building and Fire Code consulting, fire protection engineering, and emergency planning.
  • CEP's expert Michael Rushton speaks at IAAI International Training Conference in Vegas

    CEP congratulates Mike Rushton who recently delivered a training seminar at the 68th IAAI International Training Conference held from April 9-14, 2017 in Las Vegas, USA. Mr. Rushton, M.A.Sc., CET, CFEI, Fire and Explosion Forensic Investigator at CEP Ottawa presented a technical seminar entitled "Sunlight as an Ignition Source".
  • CEP Forensic's expert Isabelle Murray speaks at Fire & Materials 2017 International Conference

    CEP congratulates Isabelle Murray on the success of her technical session at the 15th International Fire & Materials Conference, held in February 2017 in San Francisco, USA. This event is a major international forum on fire performance of materials and the products into which they are made. The tree-day conference boasted over 80 papers presented by experts from 15 countries. Ms. Murray presented the Case Study: Pyrophoric Iron Reactions in Refinery and Petroleum Industries.
  • New Head Office Tour

    We are pleased to present this video which was created to mark the opening of our brand new corporate headquarters. In the age of social media, CEP opted for this communication tool to thank you for your support over the last 40 years. This move was necessary to support the growth of our company. The new building has given us the opportunity to create space which is very much in line with our objective of becoming a national organization.
  • Grand Opening of CEP's Moncton Office!

    CEP is thrilled to announce the grand opening of a new office in Moncton, New Brunswick to help serve clients in the Maritimes. At the same time, CEP is pleased to welcome Charles LeBlanc and François d'Entremont to its growing multidisciplinary team. Both investigators will be based out of CEP's Moncton office.
  • Spotlight on the career of a Forensic Engineer

    Anne-Laure Esquirol, Eng., M.A.Sc., a Forensic Engineer with CEP since 2013, was interviewed for an article featured in a special segment on Engineering published by Les Affaires. The article written in French talks about her experience and describes what a career in this atypical segment of Engineering is all about.
  • CEP Ottawa now offering Metallurgical and Materials Engineering Services

    CEP is pleased to announce that our clients will now benefit from services in Materials and Metallurgical Engineering from our Ottawa office. "To better assist our clients and to cater to the growing demand, we felt it was time to add a Materials Engineering resource to our office, says Joël Turcotte, P. Eng., Regional Director, Ottawa. "By relocating Mr. Alain Abou Antoun, Jr. Eng., M. Eng, to the Ottawa office, we are broadening our services offered and ensuring improved regional coverage of Materials Engineering in Ontario."
  • Guest speaker at the Annual Engineering Insurance Conference

    CEP's, David Gillingham, P. Eng., CFEI, LEED AP, was a guest speaker at the 43rd Annual Engineering Insurance Conference which was held on October 6 at the St. Andrews Club & Conference Centre in Toronto.
  • A day of great pride!

    CEP is happy and proud to announce to its customers and employees that it belongs amongst the ''TOP 30'' Quebec engineering firms according to the ''Journal Les Affaires'' (September 17th, 2016).
  • Seminar on Understanding and Managing Corrosion

    Our expert, Nicolas Geoffroy, Eng. Ph. D., metallurgist, will be presenting the seminar "Understanding and Managing Corrosion" in Sainte-Foy, Québec, from October 21-22. Course description: Corrosion can cause critical economic and safety issues in various industries. Consequently, a good understanding of basic principles is needed to effectively prevent damage.
  • CEP Announces the Relocation of its Head Office

    CEP is delighted to announce the relocation of its Laval head office as of September 6th 2016. To support our growth and our aspiration to become Canada's leader in forensic engineering, the new location is more spacious and has been completely renovated to the specific national needs of our business.
  • CEP Forensic Engineering is now CEP Forensic

    Recently, CEP unveiled a new modern and dynamic corporate image which included a revitalized logo and a redesigned website. This makeover also led the company to change its name to CEP Forensic Inc.
  • CEP showcased its brand new booth

    CEP showcased its new booth at the CAIW 2016 Annual Convention in Toronto. We would like to thank everyone who stopped by our booth. Our team had a great time networking with all the wonderful attendees !
  • Golf Season has Arrived!

    CEP Toronto had a fantastic day at the OIAA 2016 Annual Golf Tournament on June 1st benefitting the Alzheimer Society of Ontario. The weather was beautiful and the day was filled with fun and laughter.
  • CEP Ottawa welcomes new Fire and Explosion Forensic Investigator!

    CEP is pleased to introduce a new Electrical Engineer and Fire and Explosion Investigator. Mr. Normand Matte, P. Eng., joined the CEP Ottawa team in January of 2016.
  • CEP whipped up a champion chili

    CEP has once again whipped up a champion chili, entering in a two way tie for most votes at the OIAA Kawartha-Durham Chili Cook-off in Peterborough on April 21st.
  • CEP Reveals a New Corporate Image

    We are pleased to officially reveal our new corporate image, including a revitalized logo and the launch of a redesigned Website. The vitality and growth of our company is well expressed through this redesign. As such, CEP is looking to the future with confidence by implementing a number of major projects, including the construction of a new head office and the geographical expansion of the company.
  • Follow-up from the OIAA 2016 Claims Conference

    Once again the OIAA Claims Conference was a great success. We would like to thank everyone who droped by our booth to meet the CEP team.
  • Visit us at the OIAA 2016 CLAIMS CONFERENCE!

    CEP is delighted to be an exhibitor once again at this year's OIAA Professional Development & Claims Conference on Wednesday February 3rd.
  • Brand New Materials Engineering Team at CEP Toronto!

    Toronto, ON - CEP is pleased to welcome two new members to its Materials Engineering team. Both investigators will be based out of CEP's Toronto office.
  • CEP appoints new National Director of Business Development

    CEP is proud to announce that Mr. Benoit Godin, Eng., has been appointed to the position of National Director of Business Development. In this role, Mr. Godin will oversee the growth of the company, develop and maintain effective relationships with existing and potential clients and partners.
  • New appointment at CEP

    CEP recently hired a new Engineer, Mr. Stéphane Munger, to complete the Mechanical Engineering team of its Montreal (Laval) office.
  • CEP promotes Louis-Eric Joubert to Regional Director, Toronto

    Toronto, ON - September, 2015 - Mr. Jean-François Joubert, President and CEO of CEP, is pleased to announce that Mr. Louis-Eric Joubert, P. Eng., MS, has been promoted to the position of Regional Director, Toronto.
  • CEP's Multidisciplinary Team in Ontario Keeps Growing Stronger!

    CEP is thrilled to welcome our newest addition, Mr. Brian Li, P. Eng., a structural / civil engineer with a strong background in structural design and analysis with experience in building envelope issues.
  • 2015 OIAA Claims Conference

    It was a real pleasure to meet so many of our clients and partners at this fabulous Conference. Once again the OIAA did a terrific job at organizing this key event. The show was a great success for us and we truly enjoyed the opportunity to meet and interact with our industry peers.
  • CEP Ottawa welcomes new Civil / Structural Engineering Forensic Investigator

    CEP Ottawa is pleased to welcome Jérémie Maillet-LeBlanc, EIT, a new Civil / Structural Engineering Forensic Investigator.
  • Coming up! The Muskoka OIAA Provincial Claims Conference

    Make sure to visit our booth at the upcoming OIAA Provincial Claims Conference! This will be a great occasion to learn about our new services and newly RIBO accredited seminars as well as discussing all of your Forensic Engineering needs.
  • Golf Tournaments

    In the last few weeks, CEP had the pleasure to take part in a few golf tournaments.
  • New RIBO accredited seminar!

    Our Accident Reconstruction team, in collaboration with the law firm BOS Law, have been working hard on an exciting project: A Mock Trial training event taking place on April 15th in Ottawa!
  • Manage efficiently Concrete-related Claims

    We are pleased to announce that a new ChAD-certified course is now available.
  • Séminaire - La subrogation : pensez-y tôt ! (2UFC)

    Experts-Conseils CEP et la firme Cozen O'Connor présenteront un nouveau séminaire intitulé " La subrogation: pensez-y tôt " .
  • Coming up!

    Incidentally, CEP Ottawa is also a proud sponsor of another significant training event organized by the Law Firm of Forget Smith Morel, and the OVAA.
  • New addition to our team

    Lastly, we would like to announce that a new Administrative Assistant joined our team at the end of 2014 to help us manage all these new and exciting ongoing projects. We are happy to welcome Stéphanie Laszewski to our dynamic Ottawa staff.
  • CEP's Materials Engineering Team is Beefing Up!

    Nicolas Geoffroy, Eng., Ph. D., joined CEP's Laval office in May. He holds a bachelor's degree in Materials Engineering and a Ph. D. in Metallurgical Engineering from McGill University.
  • Golf Tournaments

    In the last few weeks, CEP had the pleasure to take part in a few golf tournaments. It was a real treat to meet clients and partners at the 37th Annual MAIW Golf Tournament on July 2nd.
  • On a golf course near you...

    Whether it is on a golf course or on a bike path, there is no doubt, our experts are enjoying the mild weather.
  • ISFI 2014 - CEP was there!

    Our very own Michael Rushton and David Gillingham gave an enriching lecture on Propensity of wood ignition from residential electrical arcing at the 2014 International Symposium on Fire Investigation in Washington DC.
  • Outstanding nomination at CEP

    We are extremely proud to announce that Isabelle Murray, P.Eng., M.A.Sc., was nominated as one of the key figures in entrepreneurship and engineering by the magazine Premières en affaires.
  • L'Isle-Verte

    As part of coroner Cyrille Delâge's investigation into the L'Isle-Verte tragedy, Mr. Clément Caron, Eng., Director of the Laval office, testified on December 18th as the expert witness in the origin and cause determination of the fire.
  • Striving for excellence

    CEP is happy to announce that Mr. Pieric Savary, Eng., obtained his master's degree. His master's thesis focuses on the energy and economical analysis of solar walls used to preheat ventilation air in buildings. Also, Mr. Olivier Biron, Eng., is now a certified professional engineer in Quebec.
  • Our team is growing

    We are pleased to welcome new members on our team.