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CEP-Sintra strengthens its Ottawa teamCEP-Sintra is delighted to announce the expansion of our Ottawa office. With the addition of three new investigators to the office, the Fire and Explosion and Mechanical teams have broadened their service capabilities for the area. Donovan Ryan joined the Fire & Explosion team in October of 2018. Mr. Ryan has over 37 years of fire and emergency services experience both in Canada and overseas and carries numerous Canadian and International certifications, including CFEI, CCFI-C, IFSAC and ProBoard.

Technical bulletins

Staying out of hot water - The basics of the control systems for hot water heating appliancesWe use hot water for showering, cooking, clothing and dishware sanitation and space heating, so it is likely no surprise that water heating appliances are used in almost every household and business in the country. We generate hot water from a variety of appliances including hot water tanks, instantaneous hot water heaters, and conventional boilers. These appliances use a variety of energy sources including propane, natural gas and electricity. Despite the large variation in styles and methods used to heat water, the control systems, which make them operate safely, are actually fairly similar.