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Tired of regular office work, cast-in-stone schedules and repetitive tasks? Take out your Sherlock Holmes outfit and come investigate with our team of engineering experts at CEP-Sintra.

From coast-to-coast, CEP-Sintra, a forensic engineering firm, conducts specialized and highly technical investigations into insurance-related losses and litigation.

Our employees are our wealth. Thanks to their passion and dedication, CEP-Sintra offers an exceptional service to its clientele.

Challenge yourself and join us at CEP-Sintra!

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CEP-Sintra acquired an excellent reputation, largely due to the quality of its engineers, other professionals and administrative staff. You could be part of this dynamic organization that demonstrates initiative, passion and creativity and offers a pleasant working environment.

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What we offer

  • a competitive compensation;
  • a wide range of benefits;
  • a development through ongoing training and mentorship offered by the senior engineers and professionals;
  • a potential financial support for further studies in higher education.

The challenge of Forensic Engineers and Scientists

Do challenges and variety stimulate you? These words represent the daily culture of forensic engineers and scientists at CEP-Sintra.

Upon reception of a mandate following a fire, collapse or other failures, our forensic engineers or other professionals are assigned to take charge of the investigation, from the reception of the mandate until the production of the final report. The goal is to determine, scientifically, the origin and cause of loss.

How could we summarize the role of an expert?

  • Working in different environments, such as an office, laboratory or workshop environment as well as on the scene of an accident;
  • Communicating with customers;
  • Investigation, analysis and research;
  • Report writing;
  • Expert testimony in court.