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CEP-Sintra welcomes new employees from coast-to-coastCEP-Sintra continues to strengthen its team across Canada by welcoming several new investigators. Since August, five new investigators have been added from coast-to-coast. "The addition of resources and experience allows us to round out many of our offices, and provide enhanced technical expertise to our clients," says Jean-Francois Joubert, CEP-Sintra CEO. He adds, "we are continuing to boost the complement of investigators we have available in each office as we strive to provide superior service."

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Cigarettes Can Kill You, and E-cigarettes Can Too!Over the years, the health benefits of quitting smoking have been well documented; however, some former cigarette users are turning to e-cigarettes or "vaping" to help them quit. Vaping has also become popular among many people who have never smoked cigarettes. But e-cigarette use comes with its own set of risks.