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The " CSI " of Civil EngineeringThe January-February 2019 edition of the magazine " Plan ", published by the Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec (OIQ), features Andréanne Labrecque, a Structural and Civil Forensic Engineer at CEP-Sintra. Shedding light on this lesser-known area of practice in engineering, the article presents Ms. Labrecque as the " CSI " of Civil Engineering. The low percentage of women in this profession is also emphasized, but as mentioned by Ms. Labrecque, "Times are changing and we encourage more women to follow that path. "

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Snow Covered RoofsEach winter, during periods of significant snowfall, the buildup of snow on roofs can be a real concern. Snow accumulation depends on many factors, including wind direction, building orientation, roof pitch, shelter, and, of course, weather conditions. For example, houses are more at risk when the wind is blowing from the west and the lower side of the house is to the east. Trees and outdoor buildings also play a vital role in the snow that accumulates on the roofs.