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CEP-Sintra announces new leadership appointments throughout CanadaCEP-Sintra is happy to announce leadership appointments throughout Canada : VP Western Canada (BC, AB & SK): Mr. Mark Hughes, P.Eng., founder Sintra Engineering, VP Central Canada (MB & ON): Mr. Benoit Godin, P.Eng., COO of CEP-Sintra, VP Eastern Canada (QC & Atlantic Canada), Mr. Clement Caron, P.Eng., formerly Montreal Manager. Ms. Isabelle Murray, M.A.Sc., P.Eng., has been promoted to fill Mr. Caron's Regional Manager role in Montreal.

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Concussions and Injury ClaimsConcussions are a form of traumatic brain injury that typically result from a head impact. Also known as mild traumatic brain injuries or mTBIs, concussions present symptoms ranging from headaches and nausea to difficulties with memory or concentration. Because the physical signs are limited or challenging to quantify, they are difficult to accurately diagnose without patient input, leading to legitimacy questions in injury claims.